Elan Colen, MD - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Elan Colen, MD is a successful business and healthcare C-level executive and visionary, with an eye for early identification of shifting trends and business models that have resulted in successful ventures across multiple industries. Dr. Colen realized early on that business was in his blood. His grandfather had been a successful businessman in Puerto Rico, and upon his family returning to PR when Dr. Colen was 20 years old, he promptly founded a hardware store and cabinet shop together with his brother Chaim and used profits to fund their way through college. After Dr. Colen completed medical school and training at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine and passed his board examinations, he promptly once again sought out opportunities which resulted in several profitable ventures.

In 2013, Dr. Colen co-founded SAS Group, a laboratory management company based in Jupiter, Florida, where he served as COO until 2017. From the very beginning, Dr. Colen was able to attract and capture key talent which was responsible for building the strong scientific foundation of the company. Being himself a chemist and physician, he recognized the absolute necessity and importance of having the best scientific team possible, and made always the science, accuracy and precision of the provided laboratory services his priority in the company. In the first two years of founding, he nearly singlehandedly led the company in adding new laboratory management clients, doubling each year the clients under management until departing from an active role with the company to pursue several other challenging opportunities. In addition to co founding SAS Group, Dr. Colen has partnered and aligned himself with several well-known and respected individuals, in diverse business ventures in the interactive entertainment industry, social media and online branding space.

Dr. Colen founded The Colen Group in 2015 with a focus in healthcare and laboratory testing, although that has broadened to include investments and partnerships in other diverse industries. Nonetheless, even subsequent to parting an active role with SAS Group, Dr. Colen has still personally retained the same core scientific team throughout successive laboratory projects which was key in the initial success of his company. This has enabled him and his team to continue valuable partnerships and joint-ventures, providing a wealth of exceptional laboratory experience and knowledge to their partners and clients.

When Dr. Colen isn’t conceptualizing new projects or working hard on existing ones, he enjoys spending his time traveling Europe or attending fashion shows and social events abroad.


University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, 2000-2005

InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, 1995-1999


Leah M. Shaffer, PhD – Vice President of Laboratory Development

Leah Shaffer, PhD, earned a doctorate degree in analytical chemistry, with a specialization in instrumentation, from the University of Idaho in 2015. Her expertise in these fields allows her to effectively optimize and streamline cannabis laboratory setup and management in order to create a high-throughput analytical laboratory without sacrificing accuracy, precision, or customer service.

Dr. Shaffer grew up surrounded by people who used cannabis medicinally, which have given her a keen awareness in regard to the value of safety in the cannabis industry. She has tailored her knowledge and experience to create a successful system for providing accurate and reliable results for both cannabusinesses and patients alike.

As she pursued her education, Dr. Shaffer received numerous academic accolades while simultaneously working full-time in customer service to put her through school. The result has left her with a profound appreciation for hard work and instilled in her a strong sense of dedication to the needs of her clients.

Dr. Shaffer spent her years in graduate school passionately pursuing expert level understanding of chromatographic techniques and various detection methods. In addition, she became adept at the installation and repair of a wide range of analytical methodologies.

Dr. Shaffer first began her career in the cannabis testing industry in 2015, and very quickly she was captivated by the distinctive challenges facing the industry. Since then, she has utilized the wide scope of analyses and sample matrices exclusive to cannabis testing to demonstrate her unique analytical skill set. At NASCIENT, she is thrilled to be able to put these skills to use on an industrial scale.





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